July 27

Pedlar Funeral Home presents

Shakura S'Aida

“I am truly blessed by all the incredible opportunities I have had,” says Canadian vocal powerhouse Shakura S’Aida. “My life has been filled with amazing adventures and I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

Such is the story of this free spirited multi-award winning entertainer’s ascension into one of this country’s most in demand and beloved blues and R&B performers. Shakura’s long-simmering career initially moved into high gear in 2008 with a triumph at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, where she earned the runner-up title competing against more than 100 other artists from around the world.

Ever since, she has moved from strength to strength, releasing three critically acclaimed albums and racking up a wide array of awards and accolades along the way. Wherever she performs, Shakura truly owns the stage. Her warm and welcoming personality, dazzling visual style, and powerful, dynamic voice, take audiences on a sublime and soulful journey that lingers on, long after the lights have dimmed.

Having toured extensively throughout North America and across Europe, she’s an artist who never stops exploring her muse. Ever searching for the next great song, and the audience to sing it for. Finding the threads within the music that ultimately connect us all.

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